3Scan Selected for Crucial efforts in NIH SPARC Initiative

Novel imaging technology leveraged to unlock the mysteries of the cardiac peripheral nervous system


San Francisco, Dec. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 3Scan, Inc. (3Scan), the world’s leading 3D tissue imaging company has been contracted to provide crucial data in a multi-scale, multi-disciplinary effort to map the cardiac peripheral nervous system.

In partnership with the National Institute of Health, Thomas Jefferson University and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 3Scan will combine its novel automation, workflow innovation, and microscopy technology to create high resolution 3D maps of the nerves around hearts from a variety of representative species.  

The goal of this ambitious effort is to provide much needed knowledge about both the anatomy and physiology of the nerves that control cardiac function.  The near term impact of the resulting influx of knowledge could have immediate clinical impact. Better understanding of peripheral cardiac nerves could lead to better efficacy for current treatments, stimulating new therapies, and improving the lives of millions living with abnormal heart rhythms or heart failure.  Learn more about the aims of this study here.   

“The SPARC initiative is a monumental undertaking that will radically transform the way that we understand both normal and abnormal states related to the peripheral nervous system.” said Dr. Navid Farahani, 3Scan’s Chief Medical Information Officer.  “We are extremely excited to leverage our technology and expertise to this desperately needed endeavor.”

About 3Scan
3Scan combines automation, machine learning and computer vision to extract spatial data from tissue samples and create a 3D understanding of biology.  We were founded on the belief that if we could reinvent and automate the histology workflow, it would lead to medical innovation and improve clinical outcomes.  Our diverse group of talented engineers and scientists work to revolutionize the tissue imaging through novel tools and systems that aid in decision support. The results are detailed 3D representations of anatomical structures, as well as quantitative analysis in the emerging field of volumetric pathology. www.3Scan.com


Coronal cross-section of a whole rodent heart
Para-atrial paraganglia (Close up view of the green square section seen in whole heart image)



Terri Hnatyszyn