Strateos combines Transcriptic and 3Scan to become Premier Drug Discovery Technology Partner for the Pharmaceutical Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, June 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The boards of Transcriptic and 3Scan have unanimously approved an agreement to merge companies to combine their considerable engineering capabilities in developing automated systems for chemistry, biology, and tissue analysis. The resulting new company is Strateos™. Transcriptic developed the first robotic cloud laboratory platform for on-demand life […]

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine featuring 3Scan’s Chief Medical Information Officer – Dr. Navid Farahani

link to article Volume 143, Issue 2  (February 2019)   Table of Contents   Abstract BASICS OF OPERATION USE CASES REGULATORY AND VALIDATION CONSIDERATIONS PREPARING TO PURCHASE A SYSTEM THE FUTURE OF WSI CONCLUSIONS References   Search for Other Articles By Author  Mark D. Zarella  Douglas Bowman;  Famke Aeffner  Navid Farahani  Albert Xthona;  Syeda Fatima […]

3Scan – 2018 Year in Review December 18, 2018

  3Scan – 2018 Year in Review    December 18, 2018   A Murine Brain Reconstruction in 3D for The Future is Now exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum in London   A transformative year for our company   For 3Scan, 2018 has been a busy year. We grew to 40 full time employees including adding Steve England […]


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