The Solution (Old)

Our microscope utilizes a novel serial sectioning technique to create three dimensional models of tissue biology. 3Scan uses the cutting edge technology of the KESM (Knife Edge Scanning Microscope) to simultaneously section and image samples.


wb-coronalOur technology really shines in applications requiring high throughput of large volume samples. The new KESM can process up to 3,600 slices per hour of any tissue sample (e.g. a whole mouse brain) at submicron resolution (a voxel size of 0.6 um x 0.7 um x 1.0 um). This vastly outweighs the depth offered by confocal or 2-photon microscopy and outperforms the resolution capabilities of other tools such as micro-CT. To handle high-resolution outputs of up to a terabyte per cm3, 3Scan offers data processing software to model 3D tissue reconstructions, provide interactive image views, and apply quantitative analytics.