The Applications (Old)

3Scan is able to show cell scale phenomena in the context of a variety of organ tissues. With multiple imaging modalities available we can capture, manipulate, analyze, and quantify a wide variety of structural information to provide insights into your research problems. 3Scan currently utilizes this amazingly accurate imaging technology to advance the fields of basic research, pre-clinical drug discovery, and clinical diagnostics.


Drug Development

Research interests include analyzing the structure of cancerous tissues, processing diseased neural tissue to develop systematic structural indicators, and examining drug effects on tissue morphology. One example project would be imaging xenograft tumors in mice models to elucidate quantitative characteristics of microvasculature, before and after drug delivery.


Clinical Diagnostics

The field of histopathology is constrained by a balance between quick analysis required during live biopsies and the critical analysis needed for accurate discovery. Our microscope can quickly process a biopsy and generate a 3D representation while simultaneously comparing the structure with prior recorded samples. Such a tool offers a much wider set of information to a histologist in shorter time and adds in machine aided discovery to the process.