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27 Mar 2012
by todd
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3Scan covered in O'Reilly Radar

We were discussed in O’Reilly Radar as part of a series on the Industrial Internet.


18 Mar 2012
by cody
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Breakout Labs Funding!

Exciting news! We’ve been selected as one of the first Breakout Labs grant recipients!

See the full release below:

Breakout Labs Funding

15 Mar 2011
by todd
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3Scan in FastCompany

3Scan was mentioned in the FastCompany article, “Need A Lab In Outer Space? Try ScienceExchange, The Airbnb Of Weird Science”

“Or do you need to image an entire mouse’s brain at the sub-micron level? ScienceExchange can make the connection to 3Scan, a company commercializing the “Knife-Edge Scanning Microscope” first developed at Texas A&M’s Brain Networks Laboratory.

Explains 3Scan’s Todd Huffman, the microscope “does 3-D reconstructions of cells and tissues using automated, high-throughput serial sectioning. It uses a diamond knife and fiber optic assembly to illuminate and slice tissue while imaging simultaneously with a microscope objective.””

02 Mar 2011
by cody
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Prototype Development

Quick post but…

The prototype is near completion!  Stage wiggles!  The camera images!  Connecting bits are coming together!

Expect new data soon, until then..



22 Feb 2011
by cody
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Society for Neuroscience 2011 was a smashing success for 3Scan!

We were set up at the exhibitor’s section with the Brain Networks Lab from Texas A&M and had quite a number of interesting parties come through our booth.  Todd wandered through the poster sessions and found a few people doing microvasculature research who were very interested in our data sets.  Researchers in connectomics and a variety of diseases were interested in doing structural biology research with us, and we found a few collaborators in microelectrode array implant companies.

So in total, a lot of collaborators found. Even more fun were the whole brain emulation meet-ups (shout out to David Mayerich, David Dalrymple, and Randal Koene) at a variety of strange restaurants and bars around DC (including what appeared to be a converted second floor house?)

Finally, talking with other microscope manufacturers proved quite interesting, and we garnered a range of responses from “we don’t want talk to you” to “your technology could be very useful..”  Hopefully these sentiments continue to build!


To the future!


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