3scan is always looking for academic and industry researchers that want to tackle tough problems in 3d microscopy.

To encourage community growth we offer:

  • Free trial scans – Mail us samples and we will produce demo data and reconstructions to explore possibilities.
  • Grant writing help –  We are willing to work with researchers to incorporate KESM technology into existing workflow
  • Free data hosting – For any and all publicly available KESM data sets.

For more information contact matt@3scan.com.

Interns and Consultants:

We are actively looking for a few good interns.  Spend the summer in San Francisco living the SoMa lifestyle and working with a Bay Area startup on tough problems ranging from machine learning to precision mechanical design.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Open-Source, collaborative minded individuals
  • Experience with fluorescence microscopy and optical design.
  • Image processing, big data, and machine learning skills.
  • Optical, Mechanical, and Electronics Hackers

For more information, contact matt@3scan.com.


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