Senior Software Developer / Acquisition Team Lead

Seeking software developer for web-controlled brain-slicing robots:

You will direct the acquisition of tera-voxels per day of imagery data for science and profit. You must have a strong background in thick-client web development, and you must not be afraid of getting your hands dirty interfacing with robotics hardware and distributed computing. We’re less concerned with the individual skills or experience that you possess, and more interested in your ability to learn quickly and manage heterogeneous codebases like ours. We’re transitioning some developers over to the analysis software stack, so you will be taking over the development of the acquisition stack, with about three other developers contributing some of their time to this project with you.


The system you’ll be in charge of:
Meteor servers provide the control interfaces for the microscopes, as well as a google-maps-style viewer for the resulting imagery. The robots themselves and our local processing and storage cluster all run Python 3. The local machines pass the data around using zeroMQ as they do some inline processing, then store it in a series of RAID arrays, which we use as a local cache that we continuously upload to Amazon S3.

For more information, contact matt@3scan.com.


Image Processing Engineer
At 3Scan, we routinely collect multi-terabyte data sets, and we need help building tooling, pipelines, and algorithms capable of interacting with data at that scale. There are a number of places that this data will take you—beginning with in-house machine optimization and branching out to having a direct impact on human medical research and decision making. If this excites you, we would love to talk about how to take our image processing to the next level.  


Core requirements:
  • Python—Relevant experience with numpy, scipy, openCV, scikit-image, and similar.
  • Image Processing Experience
  • Computational Geometry—Creating/managing algorithms around 3d data and associated representations
  • Spark / HPC computing experience
  • Experience with microscopy/MRI/CT or any voxel based modality
  • Experience with cloud compute environments
  • Experience with ConvNet
  • Any knowledge of Biology


For more information, contact matt@3scan.com.


Process Optimization Engineer
We have taken over a half-million slices since we started at 3scan.  Each slice has hundreds of control parameters and dozens of metrics related to resulting image quality. At present, it is largely the responsibility of a human operator to ensure the smooth sailing of our microscopes through this complex phase-space, but as production and scanning demands increase we need to make better decisions day to day and moment to moment. Your role will initially be the analysis of collected process data and evolve into a role guiding future acquisition and control.


Core Requirements:
  • Python—Relevant experience with numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn and similar.
  • Hardware experience—With image sensors, control systems, microcontrollers, and data acquisition 
  • Basic knowledge of process engineering stratagies—Six-Sigma, takt time
  • Image processing experience


For more information, contact matt@3scan.com.


3scan is always looking for academic and industry researchers who want to tackle tough problems in 3d microscopy.

To encourage community growth we offer:

  • Free trial scans – Mail us samples, and we will produce demo data and reconstructions to explore possibilities.
  • Grant writing help –  We are willing to work with researchers to incorporate KESM technology into existing workflow.
  • Free data hosting – For any and all publicly available KESM data sets.

For more information, contact matt@3scan.com.


Interns and Consultants:

We are actively looking for a few good interns. Spend the summer in San Francisco living the Mission District lifestyle and working with a Bay Area startup on tough problems ranging from machine learning to precision mechanical design.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Open-Source, collaborative minded individuals
  • Experience with fluorescence microscopy and optical design
  • Image processing, big data, and machine learning skills
  • Optical, Mechanical, and Electronics Hackers

For more information, contact matt@3scan.com.

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