History & Milestones


3-dimensional visualization of Golgi-stained cell.

3-dimensional visualization of Golgi-stained cell.

What is 3Scan?

3Scan’s patented “Knife Edge Scanning Microscope” (KESM) brings together elements of machine vision, automated serial sectioning, micromachining, and advanced optics. We combine this with customized software to enable high throughput and quantitative image analysis of tissue-scale diseases such as cancer. Our goal is to turn tissue biology and histopathology into a data science in order to translate these discoveries into new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.



2004 – NSF & NIH grant ($1.6M) funds invention

2008 – Patent (US 6,744,572) is licensed to 3Scan

2010 – 3Scan spins-off Texas A&M Brain Network

2011 – Founding investment ($150K)

2011 – DARPA becomes 1st customer ($30K)

2011 – Commercial system built (2012)

2012 – Breakout Labs grants ($350K)

2015 – Series A closed ($8M)

2016 – Series B closed ($14M)

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