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Our VC firm has called us “hot-pink-haired techno punks,” which conveys a part of our culture (we are out of office en masse during Burning Man), but not all of us look like villains from Captain Planet. We’re ~25 employees strong, united by intellectual curiosity and a desire to further the progress of biology. We have monthly talks on intellectual subjects, ranging from histology to optics to polymer physics. The company has several patents and scientific publications, and we’ve trademarked the term Squishware™ for one of our company departments.

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3Scan Galactic Headquarters
2122 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94110 [Mission district]





Senior Software Developer / Acquisition Team Lead

You will direct the acquisition of tera-voxels per day of imagery data for science and profit. You must have a strong background in the interaction between hardware and software systems, and know what makes microcontrollers tick. You must be unafraid of robotics hardware and distributed computing.


The system you’ll be in charge of:

  • A local compute cluster that compresses, tiles, and displays imagery
  • Robotic Motion control, image acquisition, and custom microcontroller boards
  • Machine operator facing web UI’s with tile-based imagery display.


Relevant Experience in:

  • Python3/Java programming languages
  • Meteor Framework
  • NOSQL databases
  • AWS Ecosystem (DynamoDB + S3 + EC2 Especially)



  • Arduino & Serial protocols
  • Kafka/Spark/Storm or other MR/Pipeline Tools





Data Scientist
We are seeking a data scientist with expertise in image processing and machine learning. The candidate should be comfortable working with existing and developing novel algorithms for analysis, quantification, and processing of image data.


Responsibility include:

  • develop algorithms for analysis of large (TB+) microscopy image-volumes
  • apply ML approaches to problems such as image classification and segmentation
  • optimize and parallelize existing and novel algorithms for high-throughput processing
  • provide validation and testing for algorithm correctness and accuracy
  • maintain, support, and improve existing data processing pipelines


Core requirement:

  • image processing, scientific computing
  • machine learning (supervised and unsupervised methods)
  • Python, Java or C++
  • working knowledge of UNIX
  • good communication skills
  • self-motivated, resourceful and a quick learner
  • 3+ years of industry experience


Bonus experience:

  • biomedical image processing
  • deep learning (Tensorflow, Theano, etc)
  • comfortable working in a highly distributed environment (ex. AWS)
  • GPU, parallel computing
  • test-driven development
  • PhD in a quantitative field such as computer science, bioinformtics, biophysics, statistics, or other physical sciences


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Pipeline Engineer

3Scan is looking for a Pipeline Engineer to help build its visualization pipeline.  The visualization pipeline combines software and techniques used in the Visual Effects industry with elements of the field of data science, such as computer vision and artificial intelligence.  These tools and techniques are used to generate compelling visuals of 3D imagery collected by our microscopes, train machine learning models in detecting tissue and conduct high level scientific investigations  into data in concert with our resident pathologist.


An engineer is responsible for:

  1. Supporting and maintaining Nerve, our in-house project management framework.
  2. Integrating Nerve into FTrack via its Python API and supporting both
  3. Developing and maintaining our in-house render farm, hosted on AWS.
  4. Improving pipeline IO, in terms of code and design.
  5. Tuning overall pipeline design.



  1. 5+ years Python programming experience.
  2. 2+ years work with render farms in visual effects or related industries.
  3. Development in Git and Github.
  4. Familiar with a BASH command line environment.
  5. Familiar with Linux operating system.
  6. Self directed, able to efficiently schedule one’s self.
  7. Good at problem solving, particularly debugging IO related problems.
  8. Keeps good documentation (Sphinx and Google Docs).



  1. Experience in developing pipeline’s for VFX.
    1. Render farm experience.
      1. Muster Render Farm Manager
      2. Setup
      3. Maintenance
      4. Pre-flight and post-flight scripts for render jobs
    2. VFX pipeline and workflow design.
      1. Data validation
      2. IO
      3. Tracking
    3. FTrack development
  2. Python
    1. Work with REST APIs
    2. Libraries
      1. FTrack API
      2. FTrack Connect Integrations
      3. Muster (render farm) API
      4. Flask
      5. Sphinx
      6. Regular expressions
      7. Argparse
      8. Schematics
      9. Boto
      10. Nuke API
      11. Modo API
      12. Numpy
      13. Pandas
  3. Experience with Amazon Web Services
    1. EC2
    2. S3
  4. Devops experience
    1. BASH
    2. Ansible
    3. Jinja templating
    4. Docker
  5. Operating systems
    1. Linux
      1. Ubuntu 16.04
    2. OS X

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Developer Tooling Engineer

Do you like robots? Do you have strong opinions about docker? Then we’ve got a job for you!


At 3Scan, we need help with our developer tooling:

  • solidifying release engineering
  • creating a hardware integration test suite for our combination machine-tool/medical-imaging robots
  • developing debugging tools for our distributed volumetric data processing
  • optimizing our CI


In particular, we’re seeking a skilled generalist software engineer who’s interested in developer tooling; in other words, the kind of person who automates themselves out of a job over and over again.


For more information, contact



Front-End Developer
3Scan’s core technology is already producing massive volumes of data, and now we are working on tools to deliver that data to our clients — medical researchers and decision makers — over the web. We need a frontend programmer with a good sense for UX to help us design and build these tools, as well as other web apps for internal processes.
Core Requirements:
  • javascript
  • html/css
  • UX design experience
  • strong communication skills and ability to collaborate
  • experience designing and building interactive applications for web and/or mobile
  • Python, Django
  • experience building apps that make heavy use of image data (think google maps)
  • backend web stuff… servers, services, and databases
  • product management experience


For more information, contact
Process Optimization Engineer
We have taken over a two million slices since we started at 3scan.  Each slice has hundreds of control parameters and dozens of metrics related to resulting image quality. At present, it is largely the responsibility of a human operator to ensure the smooth sailing of our microscopes through this complex phase-space, but as production and scanning demands increase we need to make better decisions day to day and moment to moment. Your role will initially be the analysis of collected process data and evolve into a role guiding future acquisition and control.
Core Requirements:
  • Python—Relevant experience with numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn and similar.
  • Hardware experience with image sensors, control systems, microcontrollers, and data acquisition
  • Basic knowledge of process engineering stratagies—Six-Sigma, takt time


  • Image processing experience


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Robotics Engineer
Role focuses on design and implementation of robotic systems to serve instrumentation roles in the 3Scan pipeline. Required in-depth knowledge of microcontrollers, power electronics, mechatronics, and base level design for manufacture. Expect to prototype systems and help build designs for the next generation of 3Scan instruments. 4-7yrs experience suggested.

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(*Recruiters are encouraged to mention “Tardigrades” in initial email correspondence to indicate that they have read our job postings.)

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