Would your research benefit from a 3D assessment of vasculature Watch the video below.


The 3Scan Vascular Fingerprint™️ system advances your research with new levels of detail, quantification, and statistical analysis. 


Visualize heat-maps representing Vessel Radius, Density, Count, and Branch Points.


Identify and save regions of interest across multiple samples. 


Identify samples or regions of interest that are statistically different from the control.

The 3Scan Vascular Fingerprint™️

Beta Program

3Scan is developing standard assays and tools to support basic research and early drug development.  We are looking for input from scientists who use, or would want to use, 3D imaging for ex-vivo non-human samples focused on anatomical structures between 10 and 150μm.  The 3Scan Vascular Fingerprint™️  assay  is focused on identifying differences in vasculature in pre-clinical mouse models with visualization and quantitative metrics for mouse brain, lung , or kidney.

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Vascular Fingerprint 20 minute webinar

Presented by Dr. Farahani and Debra Toburen