Society for Neuroscience 2011 was a smashing success for 3Scan!

We were set up at the exhibitor’s section with the Brain Networks Lab from Texas A&M and had quite a number of interesting parties come through our booth. ¬†Todd wandered through the poster sessions and found a few people doing microvasculature research who were very interested in our data sets. ¬†Researchers in connectomics and a variety of diseases were interested in doing structural biology research with us, and we found a few collaborators in microelectrode array implant companies.

So in total, a lot of collaborators found. Even more fun were the whole brain emulation meet-ups (shout out to David Mayerich, David Dalrymple, and Randal Koene) at a variety of strange restaurants and bars around DC (including what appeared to be a converted second floor house?)

Finally, talking with other microscope manufacturers proved quite interesting, and we garnered a range of responses from “we don’t want talk to you” to “your technology could be very useful..” ¬†Hopefully these sentiments continue to build!


To the future!


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